I was born, prematurely, in a former concentration camp converted into a maternity hospital,

on a summer morning in 1969, in Bolzano (northern Italy). I grew rapidly,

becoming a hyperactive child, difficult to contain. The only things that would keep me still

and seated for a reasonable length of time were paper and markers. In that way,

I would draw for hours and hours, much to my mother’s great relief.

I published my first cartoons at the age of 15, first in local newspapers, and then in

Cuore (satirical weekly magazine, published in Italy between 1991 and 1996).

Since then, my drawings have appeared in national newspapers, on TV, in commercials, books,

and art galleries. I also enjoy drawing in public, in live shows during which I produce huge

cartoons in a matter of minutes.

I also design advertising campaigns on behalf of agencies, but have a preference for social

projects, in which I can use my work to contribute to the community.

I have held seminars for universities, high schools and primary schools, on the Language of Satire and on Bookpages production. My degree in International Political Science is useful to me for understanding the strange mechanisms which regulate society and political power.



2020, Berlin:

Illustrations for online Re-Hats campaign.


2020, Berlin:

Live illustrations at Motif Wein.

2019, Basel:

Bookpages workshop at the University of Art and Design - Critical Media Lab.

2019, Krakov:
Poster and live painting for Confetti Natural Wine Fest.

2019, Berlin:
illustrations for ReHats campaign; Bookpage workshop for Finow Grundschule; Bookpage workshop for Hernst - Reuter Schule.

2019, Berlin:

Collective art show (Bookpages at Wiederkunst, in Holzmarkt).

2016 - 2019:
Collaboration with italian satirical website Prugna (satirical illustrations).

2016 - 2017, Treviso:

Collaboration with Ci&lle Comunicazione (illustrations for Eurotrading campaign).


2017, Milano:
Visualizer for advertising companies.

2014, Treviso:

Satirical live painting at “Cantine Aperte” show.


2012- 2013, Treviso:

Bookpage solo show at Spazio Paraggi.


2014, Treviso:
Satirical live painting at “Cantine Aperte” show.

2012- 2013, Treviso:
Bookpage solo show at Spazio Paraggi.

2012 - 2015, Milan:
Visualizer for advertising companies.

2011 - 2012, Milan:
Bookpage solo show at ArtForInterior gallery.


2007, 2012 Milan:
A satirical cartoon per day for the newspaper 'City' (Italian free-press).

2011, Kabul:
Author and director for "Vittimine" project: creative workshop on landmine-risk education for 7 13-year-old old Afghan children; Street Art can save your life.


2010, Kabul:
Concept and production of two murals (one 17 m long, the other 5x8 m) in collaborations with locals, for the Italian Cooperation in Afghanistan compound; colour design of the Women Garden restaurant.


2010 Munich:
Collective show on Totò in Karl Valentin Museum, September; individual exhibition Bookpages in Kunst Und Schmerzlos Gallery.

2010, Jesolo:
Image editor for Rosin, corporate identity creation and formation in cartoons; five animated commercial cartoons for Rosin.

2010, Rome:
Projection of 24 political caricatures on the maxi-screen of the " No B Day 2" in which 800,000 people took part in piazza San Giovanni against president Berlusconi.

2009, Milan:
Running the "Satirical Animated Sketches" workshop at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.


2009, Milan:
Individual exhibition "Bookpages" at the Cavaciuti Contemporary Art Gallery.

2009, Milan:
Collective exhibition "100% Pure Love" at the Nhow Hotel.

2008 Rome:
Collective exhibition (Bookpages) for the Zecca dello Stato.

2007, Milan:
Concept and handmade painting on a big 3d cartoon for “Augen" booth, at “Fuorisalone" (Design Week festival).


2007, Milano:
Live performance and presentation of “Bookpages" book at the Triennale museum.

2006, Maputo:
12-page comic “Pare a Sida con Amor" ("Stop Aids, With Love") produced by “Cinemarena" (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to help fight aids in Mozambique. This was animated (stop-frame animation, each drawing by hand) as an educational video, shown in open-air locations such as forests and villages all around Mozambique.


2006 Milano:

Solo Bookpages exibition at gallery Spazio Culutral - In.


2006, Milan:
Illustrations for the book “Buttati" (M.Pennacchi- edited by Mondadori).

2004, Milan:
A satirical illustration per day for one year on the home page of Italy's main portal www.virgilio.it

2003, Milan:
Illustrator and visualizer for advertising agencies, illustrator for web companies. 

2003, NYC:
Illustrator and visualizer for advertising agencies. 

2002, 2001 Milan:
Illustrator for Rizzoli magazines.

2000, Milan:
Illustrator for Linus, Sartoria Communications (Nike store campaign).

1999, Milan:
Illustrator for magazine “Lo Specchio".


1998, Milan:
Lecturer at IED, giving seminars on contemporary satirical language.

1995, Treviso:
Collaborator at Fabrica (Benetton).

1993 - 1994, Treviso:
Satirical cartoonist for newspaper "il Piccolo" and television program Rai 3.


1989 - 1992, Bologna:
Satirical cartoonist for the satyrical magazine “Cuore".

1986, Treviso:
Satirical cartoonist for "il Gazzettino".